As a Baton Rouge notary that also travels throughout the state, I get a lot of questions. If you do not find the answer to your question in this FAQ, please just give me a call at 225-907-5280.


Q: Hey George, Can you come to my office/home/hospital/prison/retirement home/random parking lot in Denham Springs/

A: Yes, I can. If you are in Louisiana, I can travel directly to you and notarize your documents.


Q: George, what are your prices?

A: I do not have set prices, or a fixed price sheet. Every job is different. For a quote, just call me at 225-907-5280.


Q: Can you help me with a will/power of attorney/conveyance deed/contract/affidavit?

A: Yes.


Q: What are your hours George?

A: I am literally 24/7. I am open at night, on the weekends, and any other possible combination that you can come up with.


Q: Can you do fingerprints?

A: Yes, I can.


Q: What forms of payment do accept George?

A: I accept cash, checks, credit cards, PayPal, and anything else that you may want to trade. If you are in a pinch, and you’re really nice, I can even work out an IOU. For my business customers, of course I offer standard billing with the goal of Net 30 payments, or less.


Q: Are you really this nice George?

A: Yes, I really am!