Title Transfer

louisiana titleIf you are in the Baton Rouge area and need to transfer the title, please give me (George Tull) a call at 225-907-5280.

So exactly what is a title, why does it need to be transferred, and why would you need a notary public to help you with it? Good questions!

A title is a document issued by the state of Louisiana (by the Office of Motor Vehicles). The title is proof that you own the movable. The movable can be any vehicle in which the state issues titles such as a car, truck, trailer, mobile home, atv, etc. The title will show who owns the movable, what the movable is, any identification numbers, when it was acquired, and in some cases the mileage on it.

We transfer titles when we sell or donate the movable that is titled. On the back of the title there are sections in which we can enter information to show who is selling, and who is buying, the movable.

For example, let’s say that John owns a car that is titled in his name. John wants to sell the car to Tim. To accomplish this John would have to print and sign his name on the back of the title. Tim would do the same. The amount of the sale would be entered, along with some other information. The title would be transferred from John to Tim.

So at this point Tim can take the title to the OMV, pay his registration, and the car is his, right? Wrong! The OMV would not consider it a valid transfer unless the back of the title has been notarized. This is where my notary public services come in.

If Jim and John were smart, they would have called me first at 225-907-5280. I would have met them at any convenient location to assist. We would have filled the title out correctly to transfer it properly, I would have watched them sign it, and then the state would consider it a valid transfer.  We also would have completed a bill of sale that explained the terms of their agreement.

After the title has been properly notarized and transferred, Tim could then take it to the OMV and register it.

If you need help with transferring your car title, please give me (your Baton Rouge notary public) a call at 225-907-5280!